1) Can I contact you about a review request/blog tour/guest post?

You absolutely can!

2) Would you consider reading and reviewing <insert a genre here>?

Certainly – I’m very open-minded about genres!

3) Who are your favourite authors?

Oh why is this so hard…

– Victor Hugo

– Carlos Ruiz Zafon

– Jennifer Donnelly

– Sidney Sheldon

– Kameron Hurley

– Philip Pullman

– Mikhail Bulgakov

– Alexandre Dumas

– Gillian Flynn

– Libba Bray

And many more to name!

4) What’s your favourite book and why?

I have hundreds 😉

5) Can I follow you on social media? 

See question 1

6) Do you run any other blogs?

Yes indeed – information to follow shortly.

7) What got you into reading?

I’ve genuinely loved it as long as I can remember. I guess I’d have to say my mum the Lit teacher?

8) Do you prefer paper books or eBooks?

I genuinely don’t mind either way – reading is reading and stories can be told in many ways

9) You sometimes make grammar/spelling mistakes in your reviews – are you a native English speaker?

Alas no, but I’ve been learning it since I was 5 and I lived in England for a very long time 🙂

10) Do you think an adaptation can sometimes be better than the original book?

I do – it rarely happens but it’s possible.


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