Not a Friday Finds Post – rather, a cry for help


Friends, I rarely post about personal things, but I can’t not write this post. Especially not today.

A few days ago my country passed a law that essentially decriminalizes domestic violence:

That is what I saw in the Moscow Times today (made it look better above):

Essentially, our lawmakers, especially the woman on the photo who was behind the law, don’t feel like they “should interfere in the family life”. Meanwhile, domestic violence occurs one in four families in this country. And since the 2013 controversial law about NGOs that made it very difficult for internationally funded NGOs to work here, there are very few places left that can help victims of domestic violence. The state doesn’t consider organizations where they can get help worthy of funding. And this new law is going to make it even harder for the victims to get the help that they need.
“The Sisters Center” is one of the very few NGOs that helps survivors of sexual and domestic violence left standing in this country. But its sole source of funding is private donations. The situation is unfortunately very dire for them, but what they do can make a huge difference for thousands, millions of survivors. Especially now.
So what I’m asking you is – please help. Please donate to support the Sisters! They really need your help. Women, men, children and all other domestic and sexual violence victims need your help. You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer.

Link to donate:

If you are unable to donate, please repost! It could save a life. Every victim of domestic and sexual violence deserves help. No matter where they come from. No matter if their home country is hated by the majority of the world.

Please. Donate or repost.

Thank you.


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