Book Review: Ghost for Sale by Sandra Cox

ghost for sale

I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Caitlin King finds herself in a rather bizarre situation in the middle of her last summer before college. Her cousin Marcy has bought two ghosts off of eBay – you gotta love how you can get pretty much anything on the Internet today – but she seems to have been scammed. Or so the girls thought. Surely an attractive guy who suddenly appears in Caitlin’s kitchen can’t be a ghost..?
Except that he is – his name is Liam O’Reilly, he is a very handsome 19-year-old guy who’s been dead for over a hundred years and has his own ideas about women and society in general. Caitlin is, however, really attracted to him, but the problem is that he’s not only dead and can’t move on, but his twin sister can’t move on either. In order to help both of them, Caitlin must find the ghost of Anna’s fiance Will, but an evil spirit is preventing Liam, Anna and Will from moving on. Will Caitlin be able to solve the mystery and will she herself ever be able to move on from the handsome Liam? And how long can she keep this a secret from her friends, family and potential suitors?
This is, first and foremost, a romance novel, and despite the title, it doesn’t feature any ghostly brothels (imagine my disappointment – just kidding!). It features a boy meets girl scenario, except the boy is dead and has old-fashioned ideas and a twin sister stuck in limbo. In other words, this is a paranormal YA romance. I must admit that these types of books aren’t usually my cup of tea and the only reason I requested it from Netgalley was the really pretty cover. It would have been a very good paranormal romance if there weren’t too many unnecessary details, like Caitlin’s numerous suitors, which seem to appear out of nowhere, despite her never being attracted to anyone before, until she met Liam. I can understand a demisexual character, but I don’t love characters who think they’re better than everyone else because they don’t engage in casual romantic/sexual encounters. Caitlin constantly admonishes Liam for having sexist views, yet she always pretends to be a “girly girl who isn’t girly” for some reason and tries to teach him that it isn’t cool to be “intelligent”, despite being quite a smart girl. I don’t appreciate these kinds of messages in books, movies or TV series and I never will.
I also didn’t love the abundance of sexy male characters who only seemed to have eyes for Caitlin and seemed to be created for the sole purpose of making Liam jealous and throw tantrums by tampering with modern technology. I must admit though – it was kind of funny at times. In fact, I laughed quite a few times throughout the book – sometimes at the continuity and writing errors, but sometimes just because it was funny. I enjoyed the second half of the book better than the first, mostly because it had quite a bit of action in addition to Caitlin swooning all over the dead guy and doing little else.
Another thing I liked was the use of Virginia’s urban legends and how they were tied to Liam’s family’s story. Caitlin doing actual investigative work – she is a budding journalist – was the most interesting part of “Ghost for Sale”. What kept me going was that I really did want to find out the mystery of the O’Reilly family, and that subplot was much better written than the romance plot. I’d therefore give “Ghost for Sale” a score of 6/10. 
Favourite quotes
I’d never met a guy who melted me like molten lava and I didn’t intend to settle for less”
“Why would you spend six thousand dollars for ghosts?
Why not?”
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Have you read “Ghost for Sale”? What are your favourite paranormal romances? Please let me know! 🙂

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